driveway paving

The Benefits of Driveway Paving

People use their driveways on a daily basis, entering and exiting dozens of times each week. But they aren’t usually thinking about the materials, the durability – or when they will need to be replaced. Eventually, it comes up.

Maybe you’re selling your house and the existing driveway needs replacing. Or perhaps you just want to boost the curb appeal or don’t like the existing materials used. Regardless of the reason, you might be wondering, “When does it make sense to replace my driveway?”

Replace the driveway, or repair it?

Replacing your driveway is an investment, and if you’re not selling your home immediately, you might wonder: Is it worth it? The answer varies based on your situation and the condition of the driveway.

Driveways that have minor cracks may benefit from temporary fixes such as using liquid crack fillers. But in the long term, you’ll want to plan for the investment. Like most assets, driveways do have a life span, and eventually that life span will end.

Evaluating Driveway Materials

When you’re ready for replacement, you’ll find there are many different materials available. Here are a few:

Concrete. This material lasts a long time and doesn’t require much maintenance. However, concrete stains easily. Overall, it’s a low-maintenance option and is especially appealing if other homes in the neighborhood use this material.

Asphalt. This material uses a mixture of sand and rock to create an asphalt cement. It’s typically black, like the highway, and not as aesthetically appealing as other options. But it’s cheaper. Keep in mind that you’ll likely pay for ongoing maintenance, as it cracks easily.

Gravel. For a long, winding driveway, some people select gravel. It’s a low-cost alternative to concrete or asphalt, and can be aesthetically pleasing if contrasted with nice landscaping. The pitfall is that gravel is loose, so it gets shaken up easily, and you may need to replace it every few years.

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