4 Tips for Reclaiming Your Underused Property

The backyard has the potential to become an oasis for your family — a place where you can kick back and relax after a busy week. Yet for many homeowners, it’s the exact opposite. Instead of feeling relaxation, they feel the heavy weight of all the to-dos that need attention in the space. It’s time to reclaim underused property!

Regardless of the current state of your property, you have the ability to transform it into something entirely different. You can reclaim underused property and start enjoying a yard that brings you joy rather than stress.

Here are four ideas to inspire your efforts:

Create privacy. Some homeowners feel that the front yard acts as a public space rather than a cherished extension of the property. For example, a corner lot might be vulnerable to having people cut through the space, thereby taking a toll on the landscaping. Reclaim your space and discourage this activity with carefully planned landscaping. Short or tall shrubbery helps define boundaries and creates an element of privacy.

Repurpose a large front yard. Some property owners have a small backyard and large spaces in the front yard. But oftentimes, this large space goes unused, as it lacks the privacy of the backyard. Reclaim this space by planting a flower or vegetable garden. As a result, you’ll use more of your property while giving the space a clear purpose.

Maximize an awkward side yard. Do you have a narrow side yard? If so, the space may have become a simple pathway from the front yard to the backyard, but it can function as something more. Use limestone to create an attractive pathway and include a variety of edible plants along the walkway. Liven up the area with a small reading nook that is equipped with a comfortable piece of outdoor furniture and water barrels for watering plants.

Clear overgrowth. Another simple and effective method for reclaiming your space is to clear out all the undesirable plants. This task can feel similar to “decluttering” a home. Once everything is cut away, you instantly have a more desirable and attractive space.

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